OpSec Workshops

School Incursions

OpSec Academy is running workshops for K-12 schools in Australia, educating students on essential personal operation security practices. These workshops cover the importance of using strong, unique passwords and enabling two-factor authentication, keeping software up to date, and recognising phishing emails. Students learn to use antivirus software, secure their devices with encryption, and connect only to password-protected Wi-Fi networks or use a VPN on public networks. The sessions also focus on social media privacy, teaching students to adjust privacy settings and limit information sharing, while emphasising the importance of regular, secure data backups. Additionally, students are trained to recognise and avoid scams, review app permissions carefully, and use encrypted messaging for sensitive communications. Workshops also delve into data ownership, the exploration of the Nostr protocol, and navigating the Linux operating system. Staying informed about security threats, participating in cybersecurity training, and knowing how to respond to security incidents are highlighted. Physical security measures, such as not leaving devices unattended and using screen locks, are also covered. Schools can now book us for incursions to help their students gain the knowledge and skills to significantly enhance their personal operation security.

Professional Development

OpSec Academy is offering professional development workshops for staff in both schools and corporate settings across Australia, focusing on critical personal operation security practices. These workshops cover the use of strong, unique passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, maintaining up-to-date software, and recognising sophisticated phishing attempts. Participants learn to use advanced antivirus software, encrypt their devices, and connect securely to Wi-Fi networks or use VPNs on public networks. The sessions also address social media privacy, secure data backups, avoiding scams, reviewing app permissions, and using encrypted messaging. Advanced topics include data ownership, exploring the Nostr protocol, and navigating Linux, with an emphasis on staying informed about emerging threats, engaging in cybersecurity training, and understanding incident response strategies. Physical security measures like not leaving devices unattended and using robust screen locks are also covered. Schools and corporate entities can book these workshops to enhance their staff's personal operation security skills.