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Ubuntu is a widely-used open-source Linux distribution renowned for its stability, versatility, and user-friendly interface. It provides a secure and efficient computing environment suitable for various tasks, from casual web browsing to professional software development. Purchasing a pre-configured Ubuntu laptop from OpSecAcademy offers simplicity and reliability. With pre-installed Ubuntu, along with essential apps like Bitwarden, Signal, KeePassXC, LibreWolf Browser, nos2x extension, Mullvad, LibreOffice, and Syncthing, users can bypass the setup process and start using their laptop immediately. OpSecAcademy ensures that each Ubuntu laptop is meticulously configured for optimal performance and security, saving users time and effort. Whether for personal use or business, an Ubuntu laptop from OpSecAcademy provides a hassle-free solution for those seeking a dependable and privacy-conscious computing experience. 

Secure Laptop

CyberPunkHardware certified custom builds: specs and price will vary.

The GLiNet GLWireless VPN Encrypted Router, preconfigured with a year's subscription to Mullvad VPN, offers a seamless and secure networking solution. This router is specifically designed to prioritize privacy and security, allowing users to encrypt their internet traffic and protect their online activities from prying eyes. Purchasing a pre-configured router from OpSecAcademy simplifies the setup process, ensuring users can enjoy the benefits of VPN encryption right away. With Mullvad VPN pre-installed and configured for a year's worth of service, users can bypass the complexities of manual setup and immediately start browsing with enhanced privacy and anonymity. OpSecAcademy's expertise in configuring VPN routers guarantees optimal performance and peace of mind, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and privacy-focused networking solution. 

Secure Router

CyberPunkHardware certified custom builds: specs and price will vary.

Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) is a privacy-focused operating system designed to preserve anonymity and confidentiality. Tails routes all internet traffic through the Tor network, encrypts files, and leaves no digital footprint on the host system. Purchasing a pre-configured TailsOS USB from OpSecAcademy streamlines the setup process and guarantees a secure, ready-to-use solution. By eliminating the need for manual configuration, users can immediately benefit from TailsOS's robust privacy features without navigating complex installation procedures. OpSecAcademy's preconfigured TailsOS USB ensures users can achieve enhanced privacy and security effortlessly, making it an ideal choice for those seeking reliable anonymity online. 

TailsOS Secure Boot USB

CyberPunkHardware certified custom builds: specs and price will vary.

CalyxOS is a privacy-focused operating system built on the open-source Android codebase. It emphasises security and user privacy by integrating features like enhanced permission controls, hardened security measures, and regular updates. Purchasing a pre-configured CalyxOS device from OpSecAcademy offers convenience and peace of mind. With pre-configuration, users can skip the often complex setup process, ensuring they start with a secure and privacy-conscious device right out of the box. OpSecAcademy's expertise in configuring CalyxOS ensures users receive a device optimised for privacy without the hassle of setting it up themselves, making it an easier and more accessible option for those seeking enhanced digital security. 

De-Googled Phone

CyberPunkHardware certified custom builds: specs and price will vary. 

Opting for a Linux server setup with Syncthing for secure photo backup and a 2TB HDD ensures robust data protection and accessibility. Syncthing facilitates seamless synchronization of files across multiple devices while maintaining end-to-end encryption, ensuring that your precious photos remain secure during transmission and storage. Purchasing a pre-configured Linux server from OpSecAcademy, equipped with Syncthing and a spacious 2TB HDD, streamlines the setup process and guarantees immediate functionality. With Syncthing configured for secure backup, users can effortlessly safeguard their photo collections without compromising privacy. OpSecAcademy's expertise in configuring Linux servers ensures optimal performance and data integrity, making it an ideal solution for those seeking reliable and secure photo storage solutions. 

Secure Document Backup

CyberPunkHardware certified custom builds: specs and price will vary